Here it begins


For a while now I have been thinking about starting a blog for photos that I take with my phone, but of late I haven’t been doing much revolving around going out and taking pictures. However, I want to change that and become more of a photographer in my spare time.

What better way to gain the motivation and grow knowledge of photography from doing this. Documenting how I go about my town, my county and my home all through the lens of my phone (and fiancee’s camera).

Enough of the dross, let me introduce myself.

My name is Luke; I am 22 years old from the South Coast of England, Poole (to be exact); I am an Electronic Engineer.

Have a photo of me, let yourself know the face behind these posts:


Glasses are wonky, but they’re broken; Plus the other pictures that follow this are scenic.

I’m currently in the process of creating a blog for the rest of my Banff, Canada trip with my then girlfriend, now fiancee.

Hope to catch some of you in the future.



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