Banff, Alberta – January 2017

Day 1

Going back a few months now, I probably should have started something like this prior to leaving. However as the old adage goes “Better late than never”.

Back on a cold British morning which was a staggeringly low 2-3 degrees Celsius, note my sarcasm. We embarked on our day of travelling, which didn’t start off well at all. Having been awake for almost an hour Chlo had managed to go and fall down the stairs. She was mostly okay except for the bruised coccyx!

Smooth easy travel up to Gatwick from Poole, Dorset (Takes about 1 Hour and 30 Minutes, with no traffic). All checked in and pass through security without a hitch. Wondering around the airport it’s now about 8 maybe 8:30 am both really hungry and itchy for some quick food. All the restaurants were busy and I didn’t want to take any chances.. So we ended up getting a snack from Pret-a-manger, can’t exactly remember what I had but that isn’t important. Sat down ready to eat our food and drink our coffees. In a hushed but annoyed tone all I hear is ”Oh shit”. I turn around and Chlo had managed to spill her coffee all over the floor (Which she desperately needed obviously!!).

Lets fast forward 9 Hours. Plane journeys are plane journeys, had food and watched films.. Nothing changes.

FINALLY! We’re here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When the plane came into land we could already see how gorgeous this place was.

Passed through customs, security and baggage again nothing of interest. Next thing for us was to wait for our transport! I made sure I booked it for an hour after we land for any disruptions/ delays. Next port of call… COFFEE and when you’re in Canada you just have to go to……???


That’s right! Tim Hortons, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed my cappuccino and doughnut, however, Chlo did not enjoy her Mocha (Which she still says it and never learns, but I love her). After we finished this it was time for us to get on our coach to Banff!!

Images aren’t great but I zoomed in on a moving coach.

The rest of the journey into Banff I didn’t take any more pictures as myself and Chlo were both very tired and just wanted to get to our hotel and rest. However, as my cousin was living in Banff with his girlfriend we did not get the chance to rest which I didn’t mind because this meant we were getting food!!

We ended up going into one of the many pubs and having some food and then going to their place, after that we ended up going back to our hotel and sleeping until the next day.



*Sorry for the verbal diarrhea but I was trying to be as detailed as possible, the continuation of this will be up in a couple of days.. but instead of doing Day 1 – Day 14 I am going to group them up with maximum detail in short paragraphs!*


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