Banff, Alberta – January 2017

Day 5 – Day 7

Day 5

After yesterday Chlo and I didn’t really do much, again. We tried to keep the things we did and the relaxing days spread out so we’re not constantly doing everything we could and then we have a week break of doing nothing. On this day we decided to check out Cave and Basin Historical Site. For those of you that don’t know what it is, here is the about page Cave and Basin.

The rich smell of pure Sulphur got stronger as we got closer. Then again Sulphur Mountain did not get its name for nothing. We walked up to it and it looked closed, so Chlo and I were quite apprehensive about going any further into the site, until we saw other people walking down. It was a cold day, our batteries in our phones were depleting quickly due to the cold. But we got to the top of the walk and I snapped this panoramic view.


After we had finished walking around here we started to walk back into town, before we did we visited Banff Indian Trading Post. This place had beautiful hand crafted clothes, shoes, necklaces and pretty much anything you could think of (Within reason). Banff Indian Trading Post Visit that link to find out a bit more information on the trading post and what they sell.

Day 6

Almost a week in Banff already and neither of us can quite believe it. Today was the day we went Snowshoeing.

Started off by being picked up by the tour guide and taken to Kootenay National Park, at an absolutely stunning place called Marble Canyon. Summer or winter I am certain this place will amaze you.

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We got told that the burnt out trees make for great photos when looking up to the sky.


We had a snowshoe race right at the very end of the day.

Snow Shoe Race

I managed to bruise my leg pretty well during the race so be careful on snowshoes!!



Day 7

Today was the day Chlo and I hit the slopes at Lake Louise Ski Resort!

This wasn’t a picture taking day, this was a relaxing take our time day.

Here are some photos that did get taken.

Chlo is not a confident skiier so we spent today on the Bunny Hill taking things slow, also it was our first time on snow and in ski’s in about 3 weeks so it took some getting used too.

I wanted to see what the view was like from the top of the mountain, so we went up the gondola to the very top and had a walk around. It was roughly a 15 degree celcius difference from the bottom to the top and boy could we feel it. I had a little look around at the top and Chlo decided to sit out of the wind.

After we decied to mount down, Josh and Charlotte came over to us whilst the were on their lunch and spent a bit of time with us helping us develop our skills on the snow, which we are very very thankful for.

We spent the rest of the day going up and down the Bunny Hill building up the confidence ready for the next few days we go down there.

– Luke

**I hope you’re enjoying these so far, I am trying to cram as much detail as I can with out too many paragraphs.**


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