Banff, Alberta – January 2017

Day 8 – 10

Day 8

Today we didn’t really do much the reason for this is that we had not skied for about a month before this so we were aching, a lot.

We woke up late, had a nice relaxing morning of doing nothing. Then we walked to town and had some lunch, walked around the back of the town across the train tracks and into the woodlands behind.

It wasn’t a very productive day but it was something.

Day 9

We spent the day down in the town looking for gifts for family and friends. One of the shops there is a christmas shop and the place is completely decked out with everything, they also had a halloween section too! One of the shops that connects to this shop was a Pandora.. Girls and jewelery, need I say more? After what felt like an eternity Chlo came out of Pandora, emptihanded.

After this cause she was somehow convinced to buy a pair of Pink Timberlands from the Timberland store, went in there she looked and they didn’t have pink only black, so she bought them. They didn’t have her size in store so she had a couple of days to look online for the pink pair she wished for, and she did! Which saved us some of our spending money!

The rest of the day we carried on walking around the town shopping for little things that we could get for our families.

It was a no picture kind of day.

Day 10

Today was another very exciting day for Chlo and I. WE WENT SNOWMOBILING!!!! Kicking Horse Snowmobiling

I drove the snowmobile as Chlo didn’t feel comfortable doing so, I was more than happy to do 40mph on the narrow snowmobile wide paths with 40+ foot drops either side.


We stopped off halfway into the tour for some food, it was absoluelty freezing, in the middle of the mountains surrounded by the white trees and small hunting cabins and an outhouse. After lunch we jumped back on the snowmobiles and went up to the viewpoints which over looked the town of Golden, BC.

We spent about 15 minutes here having pictures taken etc, only managed a couple because my phone was almost dead and it was that cold I didn’t want to take my gloves off.

– Luke

**I have been very busy of late and just haven’t really had the time to be putting these together! But I will be trying to finish this off as soon as, to prepare for our next trip!



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